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I am a princess

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if ur having a bad day please enjoy these puppies playing with their mom


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It’s sad that these are actually in the order that they were written. 

The thing with Glee is that you can take single scenes and marvel at their love for details and the idea behind the entire set-up and oftentimes even the dialogue. 

But if you put those scenes together and look at the context everything just loses logic. Dialogues suddenly sound like random slogans about friendship and sticking together, stolen from movie trailers. Characters lose all depth, all personality, because they’re meant to exist in the vortex of the single moment, not the broad picture. They don’t have a history.

That’s why you can never tell what a character’s intentions really are. Does Santana care about her education or not? We’ll never know, because the only scene, which had the potential to be a true discussion about her future was cramped into the very last episode in an “oops we forgot that existed, is it too late to address that?” kind of way. Had the very same scene happened five episodes earlier, there had been a chance for an actual story.

But an actual story is not what Glee is interested in.

Glee is about single scenes, in which the actors are sexed up in a way that appeals to the average superficial gay guy’s sense of beauty, showtunes and pseudo intelligent phrases to lecture the audience about right and wrong. 

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Nobody makes fun of Demi Lovato better than Demi Lovato

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